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Human Biology

A research guide for students studying in the Human Biology program at IUB.

Citation Managers

Citation managers format references in the style you choose (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago).

IU students have free access to several citation managers (i.e., "bibliographic software").

NOTE: Always check the accuracy of citations created through these tools. They can be very helpful, but may make mistakes.

Citation Managers at IU

Citation Guides

Citing your work is a critical part of writing! Please see the following guidance for your quick start guide in citing:

Or check out the resources for the three main reference styles for the health sciences, below:

American Psychological Association Style (APA Style)

American Medical Association Manual of Style (AMA Manual of Style)

Chicago Manual of Style

Parts of an Article Citation (in OneSearch@IU)

Dissecting an Article Citation

Identifies different parts of a citation from a database.
From Yavapai College Library.