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Human Biology

A research guide for students studying in the Human Biology program at IUB.

Human Biology Databases

These databases are good for finding articles about topics related to human biology.

These are only a handful of databases at IU. You can also look at the Libraries' A to Z list of all our 1800+ databases, or please email Thea if you feel stuck or you're not sure where to start.

Other Relevant Databases

These databases are more specialized, but still relevant to search for other ideas and perceptions of your topic. 

Databases for Other Topics

Librarians have made research guides for many different topics. You can look at other guides for materials in different disciplines. 

OneSearch Tutorial

OneSearch is sort of like Google for libraries. It searches within the hundreds of individual databases that IU Libraries subscribes to all at once. It primarily searches for articles.

This video tutorial shows how to access OneSearch and search effectively using filters including the use of the Peer-Review limiter.

Searching Databases

Overview of database search tips.
From Yavapai College Library.