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Native American Artists Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

A guide to help participants in the November 2021 Editing toward Equity edit-a-thon

Basic Training

Wikipedia has two editing interfaces.  The easiest to learn is VisualEditor, which does not require the use of markup language.  The other is wiki markup (wikitext).  Tutorials for both are found here.  Additional tutorials are below.

Editing Wikipedia: A Guide to Improving Content on the Online Encyclopedia
Excellent starting point to all things Wikipedia.

Wikipedia Tutorial
A self-paced orientation tutorial for students editing Wikipedia as a class assignment.

Wikipedia How-to guide: Editing
A basic how-to guide for editing Wikipedia.

Adding a reference to your text using VisualEditor

In Wikipedia, article content should be verifiable through reliable sources.  When editing or adding text, you can document your sources by adding citations which will appear as footnotes in a References section at the bottom of the article.  If an article does not have a Reference section, you can add one.

How to add a Reference section:

  1. Click on "Edit".  At the bottom of the page, type the word “References” (without quotation marks) on a new line.
  2. On the toolbar, click on “Paragraph”, then click on "Heading" in the drop-down menu.  (This will format the word “References” as a section heading.)
  3. Hit the “Enter” key to create a new line, then click “Insert” on the toolbar and select “Template” in the drop-down menu.  When the "Add a template" interface appears, type “Reflist” (without quotation marks) in the box.  Click the "Add template" button next to the box, and then click on the blue “Insert” button in the top right corner.
  4. Click on “Publish changes”.  Enter an edit summary, such as "Added a reference section", and then click “Publish changes” again.

How to add a citation:

  1. Click on "edit".  Place your cursor where you want to add the reference. (Usually this will be after punctuation at the end of a sentence.)
  2. Click on "Cite".  Choose "automatic" to let Wikipedia format the citation based on a URL, DOI, ISBN, etc.  Alternatively, you can format the citation yourself by choosing the "manual" option, which provides different forms for different types of sources.  (An automatic citation should  be reviewed, and missing or incorrect fields should be filled using the "manual" option.)
  3. Click on “Publish changes”.  Enter an edit summary, such as "Added a citation", and then click “Publish changes” again.


Help Editing

Editing Strategies

  • Research and contribute to the content of Wikipedia articles
  • Improve citations, link to open-source journals and databases
  • Cite Indiana University's archival and museum collections as references or external links
  • Add links to finding aids or catalog records for Indiana University's archival and museum collections.
  • Embed or link to digitized content

Wikipedia Article Content & Style