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NURS B334 Transitional Care of Families and Populations

This guide supports the course on Transitional Care of Families and Populations within the School of Nursing at IU Bloomington.

Finding Materials

General Searching (Multi-Disciplinary) Databases

Nursing Databases

Complete list of nursing resources can be found here

Resources A-Z

Alphabetical list of databases accessible to all IU Bloomington students:

HIV/AIDs Public Health Information


AIDSVu is an interactive online mapping tool that visualizes the impact of the HIV epidemic on communities across the United States.


Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF)

Kaiser Family Foundation is a nonprofit organization focusing on national health issues, as well as the U.S. role in global health policy. The link above shares information specifically about HIV/AIDS


World Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO) provides key facts, along with recent news related to HIV/AIDS


National Center for Health Statistics 

The Center for Disease Control provides data points about various health conditions to support their mission to "provide statistical information that will guide actions and policies to improve the health of the American people."


United Nations Statistics Division

Provides global statistical information. Areas relevant to HIV/AIDS include social conditions, population, demographics, and health care.


The joint United Nations program "united the world against AIDS." Provides country-specific HIV/AIDS information and publications.


AIDS United

An organization that seeks to "build a natural strategy to end the epidemic" of HIV/AIDS. Provides information on HIV/AIDS-related legislation, state-specific AIDS/HIV information, and other public policy issues.

International HIV and AIDS charity that provides current and historical HIV/AIDS information. Includes comprehensive statistics, and regional and ethic/social HIV/AIDS information.


The Center of Excellence for Transgender HIV Prevention

Provides information on research and resources for HIV/AIDS prevention in the transgender community.



Offers current information on HIV/AIDS research, treatment, and prevention with federal approval. Includes clinical trials, medical guidelines, and drug reference guides.


National Institutes of Health

Provides information on medical research and basic profiles of HIV and AIDS.


HIV InSite

"Comprehensive, up-to-date information on HIV/AIDS treatment, prevention, and policy. Includes profiles and tables on various drugs, clinical trials, and countries.

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