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IFS-Kristi DeBoeuf

Activity 8/4

Review the content on each of the tabbed webpages on the left ("Libraries Tour" and "Search and Research") and view the associated videos. After you have reviewed the information in this guide, respond to the questions below in a Word document, and email them to Jane Mason ( and Kristi DeBoeuf ( by 5pm on August 5th, 2021 in order to receive credit.

  1. Using IUCAT, locate an ebook related to a topic in your class and write down the title and author.
  2. What benefit is there to using Google Scholar and IU Libraries together?
  3. What is the main purpose of InterLibrary Loan (ILL)?
  4. Why might you choose to use the “scholarly (peer reviewed) journals” limiter in OneSearch?
  5. Using OneSearch, find a peer-reviewed article that you might use for this class and write down the citation in your preferred format.