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IFS Faculty Resources


IU Libraries has many resources available to tailor asynchronous instruction to the particular needs of your course. Using Canvas modules for library instruction is a good place to start.


Information Literacy Online Toolkit

The Information Literacy Online Toolkit is designed to familiarize both students and instructors with the frameworks of information literacy. For instructors, the Toolkit will provide a pathway to integrate information literacy principles into student coursework. For students, the Toolkit will provide modules and other tutorials to help them discern online information as creditable, reliable and authentic; or put more simply, how to separate fact from fiction. These resources are available for use and adaptation for all IU faculty. 


Intro to IU Library Resources

During the COVID-19 pandemic, this module was created as a virtual assignment to address learning objectives that were originally designed for in-person instruction. The goal of this module it for students to:

  1. Identify library services at the IU Bloomington libraries.
  2. Access library resources with greater efficiency and ease.
  3. Find sources in the library stacks and databases.

The module includes an optional quiz, which can be adjusted to fit the grading schema of your course. The quiz was designed to address the learning objectives while requiring active engagement with the module in order to complete successfully. Modules can be built for the particular needs of your course. To request a module, please email

YouTube tutorials

The Teaching and Learning Department of IU Libraries has produced a number of tutorials available on YouTube for common library skills, such as using OneSearch, IUCAT, InterLibrary Loan, and accessing library resources remotely. You can view the whole playlist to find a video that will help introduce or reinforce the basic research skills that freshmen students will need throughout their time at IU. One of our most popular is our Google Scholar and Library Resources tutorial:


Research Guides


Research guides can be created or tailored to fit the particular needs of your course. They can include many different kinds of materials: tutorials, database suggestions, resource links, etc. Research guides, like this one, can be a great one-stop-shop for all the information your students need for research, curated and consolidated in one place.

Here are a few example research guides created for past IFS courses: