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Collaborative Archive & Data Research Environment (CADRE)

CADRE is a cloud-based platform that provides access to a standardized version of the Web of Science and Microsoft Academic Graph datasets. CADRE includes GUI data querying, analysis, storage, and visualization capabilities.

Use Cases of the platform

Read how some researchers are using CADRE, or watch presentations from the CADRE Fellows who used the platform to conduct their research below.

  • MCAP: Mapping Collaborations and Partnerships in SDG Research: Researchers used CADRE’s datasets to study research output and patterns of global collaboration that support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Read the paper the team published about the research it conducted on CADRE.
  • The global network of air links and scientific collaboration – a quasi-experimental analysis: The research team is determining how the introduction and availability of long-distance flights impacted international scientific collaboration by measuring collaboration through co-authorship and co-affiliation on CADRE’s datasets.
  • Study of Pandemic Publishing: How Scholarly Literature is Affected by COVID-19 Pandemic: Researchers are studying the quality of COVID-19 related scholarly works by using CADRE’s datasets to identify signs of incoherency, irreproducibility, and haste.