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Using OneSearch@IU


Basic Search
The Basic Search screen is the first thing you see on OneSearch. If you use multiple keywords, OneSearch looks for items (books, articles, news, etc) with all those words. 
TIP! Don't use too many keywords when you first begin searching. Use broad terms as well. Try to think of what words your sources might use.
Advanced Search
Advanced Search has more ways to refine your search and get you the search results you need. Under the search bar on the OneSearch homepage, there is a link for "Advanced Search". 
You can limit your search terms to specific fields (title, abstract, author to name a few) so a search for CHOCOLATE in the TITLE would return results with chocolate in every title
Refining Your Search Results
The OneSearch results pages offers many ways to refine your search. These are called limiters and are on the left column of the page. You can limit your results by when they were published, the kind of publication, language, and more.
TIP! You can limit your search by Subject. The Subject limiter shows you the words the databases uses to organize the resources. You can select which words you find to be relevant to your topic to weed out articles that don't fit the scope of your project
Accessing Items
The full text is available for many items on OneSearch. When you click on a resource (article, book, etc), the left column of the page will give you options for how to view the full-text. It might say "HTML Full Text" or "PDF Full Text". 
Sometimes, it will say "IU-LINK". This simply means that OneSearch found the article through another resource. Click IU-Link and follow the the links to access the resource.