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HIST A394 Wenches Witches Welfare Queens

A guide to help students in Professor Myers's class on stereotypes of black women in US history (HIST-A394/GNDR-G302/AAADS-A386)

Getting Started


Research is rarely simple or direct. Expect to change directions and hit roadblocks every now and then.
Confusing Road Sign
(source: Brian Metcalfe, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

This guide will help you reduce the frustrations you will undoubtedly encounter as you pursue your research. It has four parts:

  1. General information for help finding books at IU and beyond
  2. The reference page provides links to encyclopedias and dictionaries that can be useful tools for doing research.
  3. Sources for Historical Research will be most helpful when you are ready to start your research project. It includes links to libraries and special collections at IU, historical newspapers, primary source collections, and secondary source databases.
  4. General information about writing academic papers, including how to form research questions, cite sources, and distinguish primary and secondary sources. Note that this information information is not for any specific course and you should follow the instructions of your professor (e.g. just because this guide tells you how to cite in MLA format does not mean it is an acceptable citation style for your class).

Always feel free to contact me or another librarian for help! Helping you is the reason we became librarians!

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