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Visual Note Taking Guide

This LibGuide lists the different methods used in visual note taking, resources for each method and examples. If you have any questions about this guide, please feel free to contact the librarian listed on the home page.

Concept Mapping Definition

"Concept maps are another great way to record knowledge. It also incorporates keywords, shapes, and connectors to visualize concepts. The central topic goes at the center and related ideas are placed surrounding it. They are then connected by arrows that have a brief explanation (1-2 words) on them to explain the type of relationship between the two ideas."

"The Ultimate Guide to Visual Note-Taking for Students and Teachers" by Amanda Athuraliya via

Concept Mapping Articles

"Evolution of STEM Faculty Perceptions of Concept Map Assessments"

A Powerpoint evaluation Concept Maps as viable tool in STEM. 

"Using Concept Maps in the Science Classroom"

Overview of concept maps with examples, instructions on how to create one, and an example of uasage in classroom. 

"Concept Maps"

Brief bulletpoint on why to use a concept map, how to use a concept map with blank templates avaliable, and STEM examples of concept maps.