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Visual Literacy

This guide defines visual literacy, explains what visual literacy skills are, and lists resources related to this topic.

In the Margins Project

This project is currently on hiatus while we wait for books to come back! If you have an In the Margins book, please return it to the Wells Library Makerspace. 

What is it?
In the Margins is an experimental collection of books, journals, and activity books that encourages participation through visual notetaking. The project was inspired by marginalia, or reader-generated notes and embellishments within a text. 

How does it work?
Take a book. Read/write/enjoy. Return & share.

  • Borrow items by visiting the Wells Library Makerspace on the 1st Floor of the West Tower. There is no formal checkout process for these materials and no record will be kept of individual’s names or other identifying information. 
  • Contribute by writing, doodling, and in some cases destroying the pages within. 
  • Return items to the Makerspace after a week in order to allow others to participate.

But why?
For centuries, libraries have discouraged writing in the margins, dog-earing pages, and doodling in books. This experimental collection invites students to interact with library materials and connect with others in a new way. In the tradition of PostSecret, the Sketchbook Project, and Dear Data, In the Margins is a creative and cooperative project that aims to delight students.

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