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SPH Doctoral Grant Writing Course

This guide is a course guide for the SHP Doctoral Grant Writing course taught by Molly Rosenberg, Fall 2019. However, anyone that is interested in data visualization is free to use it!

Conceptual and Theoretical Frameworks: The Basics

What is a Conceptual Framework?

Basically, a conceptual framework is a planning method used by researchers to map out the progression of their projects. These frameworks can take a variety of shapes depending on the researchers needs and the focus of the project. 

General Resources to Learn More

  • Choose a framework that matches your topic and makes sense for you. Remember that the goal is to map out your ideas and goals for your research. If you find a method that works for you and makes sense for your topic, choose that!


  • Look at examples. It can be very useful to look at examples of conceptual frameworks when trying to create your own. You can do this by a Google image search, looking through books, or at the work of your peers. 


  • Think about your workflow. When adjusting your conceptual framework, think about your workflow during your research. Especially, if you are adjusting your framework after your research is done. Think about the framework as a way to visually walk someone through the steps you took in your research process.