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Supply Chain Academy (Fall 2017)

Business/SPEA Library

1315 E. Tenth Street, Room 150
Bloomington, IN 47405
Business/SPEA Library

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Gary Arave

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Company and Industry Research

Start with company information and analysis:

• See more sources for company information.


For private company information, see Privco and ReferenceUSA:

Then move on to industry information and analysis:

Follow up on specific products, business deals and situations:

Citation and Style Guides

Citation involves properly crediting the authors of information sources used in a paper or presentation. You will need to cite if sources are directly quoted and/or paraphrased or if reading a source contributed to the ideas presented. 

Always cite your sources.

Different disciplines use certain citation styles. Use these Quick Style Guides, the full citation manuals, or ask library staff for citation assistance.


Quick Style Guides


Full Style Manuals