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SPEA H374 Health Management Ethics

Instructor: Wayne

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Business/SPEA Library

Conducting a Literature Search

"A comprehensive and systematic literature search is a fundamental aspect of the review process. It uncovers all relevant knowledge and research methods related to a topic or research question" (Timmins & McCabe, 2005).

Business/Management Databases

Healthcare/Medicine Databases

Generalist Databases

Topics /Controversial Issues Databases

Finding Journal Articles from a Citation

Citation involves properly crediting the authors of information sources used in a paper or presentation. You will need to cite if sources are directly quoted and/or paraphrased or if reading a source contributed to the ideas presented. Citation can also be used to follow the scholarly conversation or progression of an idea through the literature. Use the works cited/bibliography (works cited within a paper) and cited references (publications that have cited the original) for assistance.

Trying to locate an identified publication from a citation? Find Online Journals link to determine what database(s) index or house the full-text of a journal. If electronic access is not available, search IUCAT to see if there is a print subscription. If there is no print or electronic subscription currently available, individual articles can be requested through InterLibrary Loan