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GNDR G399 Regulating Gender

This is the research guide for GNDR-G399: Regulating Gender for Fall 2016.

Getting Started

In this class, you will be writing an original research paper related to regulating gender. You will be required to engage with three (3) of the course texts in additional to at least four (4) scholarly sources. 
What is original research? What are scholarly sources and how can you find them?
This guide is designed to help you develop a unique research topic and find scholarly sources for your paper using library databases and search strategies. Use the tabs on the left to navigate to different sections in this guide as needed.
If you have any questions about the resources in this guide, or would like one-on-one assistance from the library coordinator, email Tessa Withorn at 
Image: Mary Frith ("Moll Cutpurse") scandalized 17th century society by wearing male clothing, smoking in public, and otherwise defying gender roles. From Haynes, Alan: Sex in Elizabethan England, page 119. Wrens Park Publishing, 1997.

Course Texts

Located at the GLBT Library:

Located at the Wells Library:

Located at the Collins and Wilkie RPS Libraries: