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EDUC-X159 You@IU

IU Libraries Scavenger Hunt

During the COVID-19 pandemic, this course will use a virtual scavenger hunt assignment to address learning objectives that were originally designed for in-person instruction. Review the content on each of the tabbed webpages on the left ("Libraries Tour" and "Search and Research") and view the associated videos. After you have reviewed the information in this LibGuide, respond to these questions in the "4/1 Wells Library Virtual Scavenger Hunt" Assignment, in our Week 3 Wednesday Module

  1. In IUCAT, where is the information you need to find a book on the shelf?
  2. What benefit is there to using Google Scholar and IU Libraries together?
  3. What is the main purpose of InterLibrary Loan (ILL)?
  4. Why might you choose to use the “scholarly (peer reviewed) journals” limiter in OneSearch?
  5. Based on the video tour, what services or spaces are you most interested in using?
  6. Using IUCAT, search for a book you might use for a class or are interested in, locate it, and write down the title and where it is located on campus.