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BUS C570 Strategic Marketing Management

Instructor: Talbott

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Getting Started

The database recommendations and research strategies in the tabs to the left will help put together a picture of the hybrid/electric car market (companies, trends, regulations, and consumers) in order to understand how best to sell your product.

A thorough investigation of this market will require using a variety of information sources packaged in different formats, including:​

  • Analyst reports
  • Association websites
  • Company and competitor profiles and reports
  • Consumer demographics and psychographics
  • Industry and market reports

You will need to access these sources using a variety of tools and platforms (not just Google), and synthesize information found across them to address your research questions. 

When producing written and oral outcomes, cite the following:

  • "Facts, figures, ideas, or other information that is not common knowledge.
  • Ideas, words, theories, or exact language that another person used in other publications.
  • Publications that must be cited include:  books, book chapters, articles, web pages, theses, etc." (MIT, n.d., para. 3)  

The Business/SPEA Citation Guide provides examples of how to cite information from business databases in both APA and MLA citation style.

If you have questions about the resources or strategies in this guide or need further assistance, contact the Business/SPEA Information Commons or use the chat box in the left-hand column of this guide.