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ARTH A390 A590 Museum Studies

This guide is designed to help students researching works from the Eskenazi Museum of Art, and specifically the material aspect of those objects.


Use ANDOR, and NOT to narrow or broaden search results.

Using AND

  • narrows results
  • ALL terms must be in each search result

Note: in most, but not all, databases, the AND is implied. For example, Google automatically puts an AND in between search terms.

Example:  renewable energy AND China

Using OR

  • broadens results
  • searches for ANY of the terms in search results
  • connect similar concepts (synonyms)


Example:  renewable energy OR solar OR wind


Using NOT

  • narrows results
  • exclude words from search

Example:  peacekeeping NOT United Nations


Adapted from SAIS Library, Johns Hopkins Univ. "Database Search Tips" Guide (no longer extant).

Use quotation marks or parentheses around search words to search for a phrase. (Otherwise most databases will find records that include both terms, but not necessary the terms as a phrase.)


"middle east"
"united nations peacekeeping forces"
"civil society"

Adapted from SAIS Library, Johns Hopkins Univ. "Database Search Tips" Guide

Interlibrary loans allow you to borrow material from non IU Libraries.

*First time users will be asked delivery information for their materials*

How to Request:

  • You will need your IU username and password to request material
    • To use the Submit a request page, have the book information (title, author, etc) ready.
    • In Worldcat the "Request materials from ILL" link will fill in the book information for you.

  • Photocopies of journal articles can also be request through the Submit a request page.

You will receive an email from Interlibrary loan when your materials are ready for pickup.