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Take & Make Kits


This kit provides supplies to create your own handprinted tote bag using acrylic paint, brushes, and DIY stamps. There’s no wrong way to approach this project--you can paint a design freehand or make a simple stamp in order to make a repeating pattern.

Included in Your Kit

  • Tote bag
  • Acrylic paint (red, yellow, blue, green)
  • Foam brushes
  • Paint brush
  • Foam sheet
  • Glue stick

Extra Supplies

  • Masking tape or painter's tape
  • A few scrap pieces of cardboard
  • Elmer's glue or a hot glue gun

Design Inspiration

Getting Started

  • Before you start printing, sketch out your design or test print your stamp on a scrap piece of paper or cardboard.
  • Slide a piece of cardboard or thick paper inside your bag to prevent ink from soaking through to the back side and to create a flat surface for painting.
  • Use masking tape or painter’s tape to block off any parts of the bag that you do not want to print on.

Design Considerations

  • Color palette
    • How many colors will you use?
    • Will you use the premade colors or mix new colors?
  • Transparency
    • Will you overlap different objects? Plan ahead to see which objects should be painted first
  • Shapes
    • What shapes will you use? Circles? Squares? Triangles? Simple shapes can be repeated and placed at different angles to make patterns
  • Lines and Borders
    • Use masking tape to create a stripe pattern or make geometric shapes


Printing with Handmade Stamps and Household Objects

  • If you want to create a unique shape that can easily be repeated, make your own stamp using the foam sheets in your kit.
  • Cut out two of the same shape and stack them together on top of a couple small square pieces of foam. Glue all of the layers together and let them dry. Then use your foam brush to spread a thin layer of paint across the surface and stamp it onto your tote bag. 
  • Gather up household objects such as Q-tips, buttons, and potato mashers and use them as stamps in order to create unique textures and patterns.