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SOAD R209 Apparel Industries

Citing Sources

Citing images

Citing Images:

For most citation styles you will need to include: 

  • Title
  • Creator (Artist)
  • Publication source/Repository (digital collection, museum, etc.)
  • Image source (database, website, book, etc.)

APA format - Artist (last name, first initial). (Date). Title, the work type, in brackets [Painting, Cathedral, Chair]. Repository, country of origin or city, and state. Retrieval URL.

  • Constable, J. (1821). The Hay Wain [Painting]. National Gallery, London. Retrieved from ARTstor:

Citing a blog post

Citing a Blog Post

When citing a blog post, use these elements:

  • Who - usually one or two people but it can also be a company name or other type of group author. If you don't see a byline, look at the beginning or end of the post for wording like “posted by.”
  • When - Blog posts generally provide the year, month, and date. Include these within the parentheses in your reference. If the blog doesn’t give that level of detail, just include the year or year and month, if that’s all you can find.
  • What - this it the title of the blog post followed by a notation of "[Blog post]." 
  • Where - use “Retrieved from” and the URL (web address) of the blog post.


APA example of a reference:

Priestley, M. (2016, June 18). The Devil Wears Prada. [Blog post]. Retrieved from

APA example of an in-line citation:

... according to Miranda Priestley's view of fashion (Devil Wears Prada, 2016), it comprises the very meaning of life.

APA format for an Instagram post

  • handle. (Year, month day posted). First several words of Instagram post (if any)... [Instagram post]. Retrieved from URL
  • Example - Fashion! (2016, March 24). Our view of the latest fashion trends… [Instagram post]. Retrieved from

Citing a video

The general elements to include are

  • author / filmmaker / creator / screen name -- YouTube videos should include screen names, so you can find the reference
  • date
  • title of the video or film
  • URL (web address) of the video

APA format:  Author. [Screen name.]  (Year, month, day).  Title of video [Video file].  Retrieved from [insert web address].

  • mirandapriestly.  (2017, January 4).  I Will Rock Your Fashion World!!  [Video file].  Retrieved from