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SPH R110 Foundations of Leisure

Scholarly vs Popular Articles

Scholarly sources are usually used in academic research and in college assignments. (Your Sustainability Project #5 and Exam 3 assignments require scholarly, peer-reviewed sources.)

Popular sources are often useful for understanding public opinion and may be relevant in some classes.

Articles: Page Contents

Sustainability Project 5 and Exam 3 require using scholarly sources to contextualize your own arguments. (Scholarly sources may also be useful for other class assignments.) Library databases contain a wealth to scholarly articles.

OneSearch@IU: A Great Starting Place

OneSearch@IU searches most of the Libraries' databases. It is a great place to start your research.

Direct access at:

Limit Your Results

More databases can be found on the Libraries homepage under the "Research" tab or the "Featured Databases" located at the bottom of the page. 

Recommended Databases

Discipline-specific databases for more focused research.

Accessing Other Databases

Databases not listed in this guide can be accessed through the Libraries homepage (    

If you know the database you need: search for it from the search box in the upper right. The click on the database's resource page. 

For resources by Subject/Discipline:

  • Click on the Research tab and select the appropriate subject or view All Subjects

For a list of all resources:

  • Click on Research tab and select Resources A-Z.
  • Choose the relevant letter.