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Political Science

Tips for your research

Knowing where to start with your research is an issue faced by researchers at all levels. Often, simple Google searches are way to start, but you might find that information overwhelming or lacking the kind of detail and authority that you require. Please feel free to contact your librarian with any questions.


You will be writing a lot of papers, with that in mind IU has access to Endnote. Endnote is a citation management software that allows you to format papers easily. There is a learning curve to using Endnote, however you will find that using the software will greatly ease the task of having your papers properly formated. 

IU Box

IU Box is also freely available to all IU students and faculty. IU Box is cloud based storage that allows users to safely store large amounts of files, making them available to the user wherever an Internet connection is available. 

Interlibrary Loan

If you come across a book or journal article that IU-Bloomington does not own, do not despair. Interlibrary Loan can usually acquire that book or article for you for free. Articles are usually delivered to you as PDFs and books are requested from other libraries. Some exceptions apply, for example IU does not request textbooks through Interlibrayr Loan, but that is one of the few exceptions.


IUScholarWorks is an open access repository service provided by the IU Libraries for disseminating and preserving the intellectual output of Indiana University scholars. The repository is designed to hold and deliver scholarly materials in digital form (text, data, image, etc.) that will not change over time and that are adequately described with standard keywords and descriptors (i.e., do not have specialized metadata requirements). IU students, faculty, and staff may use IUScholarWorks to make their scholarly research materials freely available to the world, at a stable URL, and with the assurance that they will be maintained over the long term.