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Music Library Equipment for JSOM Music Majors

This guide describes the equipment available for check-out for JSOM music majors. Only people formally affiliated with the Jacobs School of Music are permitted to checkout any of the equipment on this guide.

Headphone Splitter Cable, Small Jack 303

Cozy up to your bae and listen from the same device!

VGA/Audio Cable

HDMI Cable

Textured cable is non-slip! 

Audio Transfer Cable

Mac Adapters

Adapters from left to right:

  1. VGA input to HDMI output
  2. VGA input to USB-C output
  3. HDMI input to USB-C output
  4. HDMI to mini HDMI
  5. VGA input to Displayport output
  6. HDMI input to Displayport output
  7. VGA output to mini DVI output
  8. HDMI to micro HDMI (not pictured)

Firewire cable