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SPH H494 Public Health Research and Evaluation Methods

Research and Evaluation Methods in Health and Safety


Greetings from the library!

Greetings H494 Students,

I'm glad you have found this research guide.  My hope is that you will utilize it to aid you in any research assistance you find you need along the way!  Included are lists of databases and journals I recommend you consider using, along with some writing resources.

I am available to you this semester for both in-person and virtual research consultations.  Feel free to call me at 812-855-8155 or email to set up an appointment.

Good luck this semester, and remember to reach out if you find yourself needing some extra guidance!

Emily Alford

Public Health Librarian

Research databases

Research databases

Academic journals

Academic journals

Use the CRAAP test on all resources!

Identifying Quality Sources

Literature Reviews

How to create a quality paper

A literature review discusses the literature published on a particular topic and combines both summary and synthesis. You might create a literature review to:

  • demonstrate the ability to find, analyze, and synthesize literature in a specific field
  • convey the importance or significance of a research question or topic
  • identify what is known or not known about a research question or topic
  • provide background or context for a research question or topic

The literature review process includes the following steps (also reflected in the tabs on the left). Some steps may need to be revisited once the research and writing process begins. 

Literature Review Examples:

Literature Review Resources:

Literature review overview created by the University of North Carolina's Writing Center.

Created by University Library at American University. Take a look at the "What I Need to Succeed?" section for tips on getting started.

A literature review e-lecture produced by Harvard's Gutman Library.

Fall 2023 IU Libraries Happenings

Semester Happenings

The Friday Finish

EVERY FRIDAY through Thanksgiving break at Wells Library

Table tennis and yard games in the lobby, surprise guests every week (therapy dogs, musicians, massages, etc.!) and simply a great place and vibe to buckle down and get individual work, group projects and some extra studying done before the weekend.

Introduction to Citation Management With Zotero

Tuesday, September 26th 11:00AM-12:00PM

Stuck with a pile of literature to sort through? Let us help! Join one of our librarian experts to learn about Zotero, a citation manager that's sure to make your life easier.

Conducting a Literature Review

Thursday, October 26th 2:00PM-3:00PM

Learn how to prepare, organize, and finish your next literature review. What is a literature review? It’s a survey of the scholarly research published on a given issue, meant as a foundation to your own project. We will discuss the basics of literature reviews, tools to organize your research, and how to develop a search strategy. This might sound daunting, but with a few tips and tricks you can do it!