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SPH H494 Research and Evaluation Methods in Health and Safety

Research and Evaluation Methods in Health and Safety


Greetings from the library!

Greetings H494 Students,

I'm glad you have found this research guide.  My hope is that you will utilize it to aid you in conducting a literature review, along with any other research assistance you find you need along the way!  Included are lists of databases and journals I recommend you consider using, along with some writing resources.

I am available to you this semester for either in person or virtual research consultations as well.  Feel free to email me at to set up an appointment.

Good luck this semester, and remember to reach out if you find yourself needing some extra guidance!

Emily Alford

Applied Health Sciences Librarian

Research databases

Research databases

Academic journals

Academic journals

Conducting a Literature Review

Breaking it down

My colleague Alyssa Denneler is giving a workshop solely on conducting literature reviews this semester. She really knows her stuff :) so if you are able to attend, I encourage it!

March 6 @ 11:00AM


Register here:

If you are unable to attend, please note this additional guide on conducting literature reviews:

Identifying Quality Sources