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Earth Day 2021

A compilation of resources on topics related to environmental protection and the implementation of Earth Day itself


Government Information & Data Resources

Federal Government Resources


Bloomington & Monroe County Government Resources


Maps & GIS Resources

Map Resources

Most of the maps of Indiana are discoverable in IUCAT. See How to Search for Maps for more tips of finding relevant materials.  This list also includes digitized maps available online, as well as online databases of spatial data.

American Environmental History


Environmental Organizations

Bloomington and Monroe County


An all-ages social and advocacy group for vegetarians, vegans, and veggie-lovers alike in Bloomington, Indiana

Bloomington Community Orchard

The Bloomington Community Orchard is an all-volunteer nonprofit (501c3), devoted to growing fruit trees and other perennial edible agriculture for the community to enjoy, while growing orcharding skills through education and experience-sharing. The publicly owned orchard is maintained by volunteers, and the harvest is available to everyone.

Bloomington Food Policy Council

The Bloomington Food Policy Council exists to increase and preserve access to sustainably produced, locally grown, healthful food for all residents in Monroe and surrounding counties.

The Center for Sustainable Living

Inspired and passionate people collaborate at the Center for Sustainable Living of Bloomington, Indiana to share how people can care for our Earth and live well together.

Citizens' Climate Lobby

Sassafras Audubon Society

Sycamore Land Trust

Sycamore Land Trust has been protecting land, restoring habitat, and connecting people to nature in southern Indiana since 1990.

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A look in real time...


An Environmental Protection Agency project from the 1970s to capture environmental problems on film

Earth Times

Earth Day - The Beginning

Silent Spring

A popular environmental science book published in 1962 which documented the adverse environmental effects caused by the indiscriminate use of pesticides

Gaylord Nelson and Earth Day

Online exhibit

Circuit Earth

Shot throughout Philadelphia during Earth Week in the lead up to festival, and at the festival itself, the film features community groups, citizens, and celebrities-all reflecting on the crisis facing the planet at the end of the 60s.

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Additional guides worth noting

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Selected Resources from Science Reference Services at the Library of Congress

GIMMS Toolkit: Environmental Sustainability

Comprehensive list of environmental sustainability research resources available from the Government Information, Maps & Microform Services (GIMMS) department at Indiana University Bloomington Libraries

Guide contributors

Indiana University Libraries

Scott Libson, History Librarian

Christine Wagner, Administrative Secretary

IU Libraries Sustainability Interest Group

Emily Alford, Head of GIMMS