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The Cossacks/Kazachestvo: A guide to resources

A resource and research guide to the history and culture of the Cossacks, kazachestvo in Russian.


- Are the Cossacks coming back, as part of a broad amalgam of forces that might be subsumed under the rubric of "law and order," or as part of Russia's strong-arm military operations against its neighbors, in contemporary Russia, that is, under Putin? 

- If that is one reasonable way to look at the Cossacks (about 70,000 according to the 2010 all-Russian census) of contemporary Russia, or at least not too far off the mark, how is it related to the Cossacks' past in Russian and Ukrainian history? At times, they were a symbol of independence, or of rebellion against the central government; yet at others, they were a loyal agent of the ruler's will and policies.

-  The Cossacks are indeed an interesting group of people (there seem to be more than one ways of defining them, thta is, are they a social group, or an ethnic group?).

- In this guide, we look at, though in a sketchy way, what scholarly work has been done on the Cossacks, and what types of scholarly sources of information one might find useful for studying them.