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Research Metrics & Altmetrics Workshop

Demonstrating impact is a key component of academic promotion and tenure. Academic Research Offices, Employers, and Granting Agencies are increasingly turning to online profiles and research metrics as indicators of faculty contribution, productivity, and


Profile Photo
Willa Liburd Tavernier
Wells Library
3rd Floor
East Tower 363

Meet Your Librarian

Who I am:

  • Open Scholarship Librarian - Scholarly Communication, Teaching and Learning
  • Masters in Information and Library Science - University of Iowa, Master of Laws - American University, Bachelor of Laws - University of the West Indies, CLE - Norman Manley Law School

What I can help with

  • The online scholarly profile of researchers is quickly becoming the new CV. Even if you have never created one of these profiles, online services such as Google Scholar may already be tracking and collating your work, and generating metrics as indicators of your scholarly impact. Indiana University Libraries can assist you with research identity management by helping you with three major components:

  • Creating a unique online ID to differentiate you from other researchers
  • Managing your online profile to ensure that your qualifications and research output are accurately reflected
  • Tracking the impact of your work using online tools
  • Connecting you with services of the Scholarly Communication Department - Open Scholarship, Open Data, Open Educational Resources, Open Journals
  • Connecting you with library resources (including books, articles, Open Access materials, research and writing assistance, subject-specific librarians)

How to contact and find me​

  • Phone--(812) 856-1122
  • Office--Herman B. Wells Library, 3rd Floor, East Tower, E363 

Fun facts

  • I love to travel and have been to 17 US states, 6 European countries, and 17 West Indian Islands 
  • I (really) love truffle popcorn topped with nutritional yeast.
  • Although I am a librarian, I am not a cat person.  Nor am I a dog person. My apologies. I do have a bunny ...