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D168 Beginning Interior Architectural Design Studio

Where to find sources and how to use them

For any research project, you need a variety of sources, both in type and point of view, in order to properly explore a research subject.


Background: Encyclopedias and dictionaries provide useful background information and are valuable tools as you begin to research a topic. However, they are not significant sources for research papers and an over-reliance on such works indicates superficial, not thorough, research.

Exhibit: using a source as evidence or examples to analyze. e.g. images.

Argument: using a source to engage its argument. For example, you might use an editorial from the New York Times  and affirm, dispute, apply or extend its argument in your own paper.

Method: using a source’s way of analyzing an issue to apply to your own issue. For example, you might use an article's key terms, perspectives, theory or conclusions in your own paper.