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COLL X250 Academic Editing and Publishing

Resources for editors and peer reviewers


We will take this quiz in class to check your understanding of the concepts we will discuss.

Which of the following are grounds for a charge of scientific misconduct?
a. fabrication or falsification of data: 2 votes (4.17%)
b. plagiarism: 0 votes (0%)
c. manipulation of figures that alter the original data: 0 votes (0%)
d. all of the above: 46 votes (95.83%)
Total Votes: 48
Which of the following areas will not meet the criteria for authorship? Persons making substantial contributions to:
a. conception and design, or acquisition of data, or analysis and interpretation of data: 2 votes (4.55%)
b. drafting the manuscript or revising it critically for important intellectual content: 0 votes (0%)
c. extensive editing on the manuscript before submission: 9 votes (20.45%)
d. approval of the version of the manuscript to be published: 33 votes (75%)
Total Votes: 44
Strict confidentiality regarding submitted manuscripts must be maintained between the editor and author except in which of the following circumstances?
a. when a prospective author is invited to write an editorial commenting on the submitted paper: 1 votes (2.38%)
b. when the editor or author considers it necessary to consult a governmental agency representative on a matter that requires notification by law: 1 votes (2.38%)
c. when an editor is investigating an allegation of alleged scientific misconduct against the author and needs to consult an institutional or funding authority: 4 votes (9.52%)
d. all of the above: 36 votes (85.71%)
Total Votes: 42
Which of the following is considered duplicate submission of previously published content?
a. poster previously presented at a conference: 0 votes (0%)
b. abstract previously presented at a conference: 0 votes (0%)
c. abstract previously published in conference proceedings: 12 votes (21.82%)
d. complete manuscript previously published in a conference program book/proceedings but only available to conference participants: 43 votes (78.18%)
Total Votes: 55