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HRAF -- Human Relations Area Files

A guide to using ethnographic collections in HRAF and eHRAF

Basic Search

Basic Searching:

If you know exactly what you want you can find it using a basic search. for example if you have an exact cultural code or name from the Outline of World Cultures (OWC) or an exact subject number from the Outline of Cultural Material (OCM), you can search it quickly from the basic search bar:

a search bar with the entry "764," the Outline of Cultural Materials Number for burial practices

Here a search for the OCM # for burial practices returns the following result:

Over 22,000 paragraphs cross-referenced by culture and geographic area!

Advanced Search

Advanced Searching:

Advanced searching in eHRAF allows you to select from lists of traditions and/or subjects as well as exclude specific keywords to create complex search queries.  To find this more robust searching feature, click the "ADVANCED Search" tab at the top of the screen:
advanced search tab on the eHRAF page
From the Advanced Search screen you can add one or more cultures and subjects by clicking on the "Add CULTURES" and "Add SUBJECTS" buttons.  You can also include or exclude specific keywords to search by using the Boolean Operator section:
For a text/linked based web guide to advanced searching tips and techniques, see the eHRAF User Guide