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Summer 2018 ARL Digital Scholarship Institute

Learning Goals

Learning Goals

The learning goals set forth by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) Digital Scholarship Institute are meant to uphold the overarching goal of the ARL Academy, which has been created to “foster the development of an agile, diverse and highly-motivated workforce as well as the inspiring leadership necessary to meet present and future challenges.”

By the end of the institute, participants will:

  1. describe how digital scholarship fits into higher education and why academic libraries are engaging in digital scholarship
  2. demonstrate confidence in their ability to engage with digital scholarship projects by developing strategies for advancing their roles as contributors, as partners and/or co-creators in digital scholarship projects
  3. identify the hallmarks of digital scholarship/critical elements and methodological principles that qualifies scholarly work as digital scholarship
  4. evaluate different digital scholarship methodologies and tools
  5. integrate existing skillsets into those needed for digital scholarship
  6. envision digital scholarship as a collaborative endeavor by identifying individual researchers or local institutional units with whom they feel confident working to continue furthering their knowledge and practice of digital scholarship
  7. establish an integrated cohort as part of this institute to cultivate ongoing  knowledge-sharing, skill-building, and networking during and beyond the institute