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BUS C106 Business Presentations Honors

Instructors: Butters, Deeds, Guschwan, Land, Landis, Funk

Researching Recruiting Practices of Companies

Evaluate their websites:

  • What does the company say about themselves, generally (not just in the job or career sections)?
  • What do they say about working there?
  • Are there testimonials from employees?
  • Have they won awards that are relevant? (i.e. Best places to work lists, etc.)  

In their online career sections:

  • Do they talk about company culture?
  • Do they address benefits? Professional development and advancement opportunities? Diversity, equity and accommodation?
  • Are there live listings?
  • Can you apply via the website?
  • How much information do you get about the position?
  • Do they list recruiting events? If so, what more can you learn about those? How easy is it to get more information?
  • How easy is the site to navigate?
  • How clear are the steps to take to apply?     

Do they have career channels or playlists on YouTube? Job listings on Facebook?

  • Where are they placing ads?
  • What kinds of information do they provide?
  • Check the ads feature on Google    

In job ads:

  • What does the company say about itself?
  • How do they describe the job?
  • Do they address work/life balance? Child care? Insurance? Vacation?
  • Look across similar positions at the companies: how do pay and benefits compare?


Search "your company name" AND ("job fair" OR "career fair") in library databases like NexisUni and Factiva to find career fairs in which your company participates.


Check the career sections of major business schools: Does the company seem to have a relationship with these schools?


Search for company recruiters (or similar positions, like "talent acquisition") on LinkedIn and see what they say their jobs entail. There may be information about campus recruiting activities, job fairs, or other recruiting activities.


If you had to apply for a job at one of these companies, which one would you want to work for? Why? How much of your answer is based on information the company is providing via its website and job ads? (i.e. has their recruitment PR worked on you? why?)


Vault Career Services is an IU Libraries-provided database that discusses, in part, the recruiting/interviewing practices of companies. It has better coverage for some industries, worse for others. Also check sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and to get some perspective from the potential employee side, but USE CAUTION HERE: These sites can attract those with an axe to grind. Use what you find to make inferences about the recruitment and interview process, but don't assume that all complaints and characterizations of people and experiences are accurate.