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BUS C106 Business Presentations Honors

Instructors: Butters, Deeds, Guschwan, Land, Landis, Funk

Option 1: Reintroduction and Recommitment to Current Stakeholders

Article Search

Business Source Complete, ProQuest Business and EBSCO Management are examples of literature databases. In databases like these, the language you use when searching matters more than you might think. Use the tips on the Effective Searching tab to improve your results.

For this concept Start with words like
Gen Z ("Gen Z" OR GenZ OR "generation z")
socially responsible companies ("mission driven retail" OR sustainab* or eco* or "fair trade")
20th anniversary ("corporate anniversary" or "anniversary marketing" or "nonprofit anniversary" or "anniversary campaign")
Consumer psychology ("consumer attitudes" or "consumer behavior")
Purchase drivers ("purchase intention" or "path to purchase" or "willingness to pay" or "shopping journey")
Mobile/online shopping (mobile or online or ecommerce) and (shop* or purchas*)
Marketing (marketing or advertising)
"grass roots" Marketing ("word of mouth" OR EWOM OR influencer)


("Gen Z" OR GenZ OR "generation z") AND (marketing or advertising)

("Gen Z" OR GenZ OR "generation z") AND ("word of mouth" OR EWOM OR influencer)

Note: Not every combination of search terms will be useful, and these suggestions and examples are not exhaustive: You will need to come up with additional terms for other ideas you are interested in researching.

Doing multiple searches and looking at several pages of results is the key to success. 


☆☆ Tip: Search all three of the databases below at the same time by going to any one, clicking "Choose Databases" above the search box and then selecting the others from the dropdown that appears