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Voter Registration Records Overview

Voter registration records can cover a wide range of information. Before looking for actual records it is important to determine exactly what you are looking for. When considering it is important to consider the following aspects:

  • Date Range
  • Election Type
  • Specific Person or Broad Range of People

Registration Record Resources

Indiana Statewide Voter Verification: Verify or confirm voter registration by providing the county, last name, first name, and date of birth of a person residing in Indiana.

Public Records Search Directory: A website that allows you to look at voter registration records by state. Also has information on the national level. Also has links to find voter registration records based on name, birth date, and county lived in.

Voting and Registration Census Reports: U.S. Census covering a broad range of topic on voter registration records. Includes tables that break down voter registration by sex, race, age, and a multitude of other characteristics for national elections

State Electorate Profiles: Info-graphics detailing selected characteristics of the Voting-Age population for each state including age, ethnic, income, and education demographics of voters.

FairVote: A non-partisan electoral reform organizationthat that provides data and visualisation of voter turnouts for various levels of elections.

CQPress Votings and Elections Collection: Website that has a wide range of information. Allows the user to look at each state by date range. Also allows for narrowing down from state level all the way down to county level.

House of Representatives Election Statistics: Website that has all the Congress election with PDFs that have statstics for each state. The information goes all the way back to 1920 and breaks down votes by district.

Ballotopedia: Information about what is on voters’ ballots, with an emphasis on neutral data. Enter an address to view a sample ballot as it would appear to voters in that district.