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Slavic and East European Studies Collection at IU

The Nicolaevsky Collection

Acquisition Date: 1955

Provenance: Purchase from the owner Boris Ivanovich Nicolaevsky (1887-1966)

Size: ca. 10,000-12,000 titles

Content: Periodicals, pamphlets, and monographs pertinent to the revolutionary movement of Russia and the West. At the time of its acquisition, it was noted that the pamphlets related to the revolutionary movement were particularly valuable for research.

Related Publications: 

              Lindberg, Philip Gordon. The Second International : holdings of the Nikolaevskii collection housed in the Lilly Library. Bloomington, IN: n.p., 1960. 30 p.

              Epstein, Fritz T. "The Nicolaevsky Collection at Indiana,” Library News Letter 1, no.4, (April, 1966): 1.

Macedonian Literature in English

Acquisition Date: 2012

Donor: The Macedonian Embassy in Washington, DC

Size: 124 volumes

Content: English translations of Macedonian literary works

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For more information, "Macedonia's Literary Gems Get Lost in Translation"