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BUKD X502 Project in Healthcare

Instructor: Threlkeld

Industry or Market Profiles Resources

Below is a select list of databases provided by the IUB Libraries that can be used to investigate healthcare industries (market share, market size, trends, barriers to entry, outlook, etc.). A full list of databases that house industry information can be found here

Searching Passport GMID

You can search Passport GMID using the link in the upper left corner, then filter by category name and geographic location (350 markets; 207 countries) to obtain specific data and analysis. Data depends on industry/market, but can include consumers, production, profitability, trade, employment, companies, buyers, and suppliers. In some cases, historical data and forecasts can be obtained (use "Change Time Series").

As demonstrated below, if you have a very particular subject in mind you can also use the search box at the upper right to see if there is a good match -- in this example it is "hospitals". Once the search is performed, use the Filter Analysis button to narrow the results by category, geography, etc.

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