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Literature Reviews

Conducting a Literature Search

After you have an overview of your topic you may need to do more in-depth research. Here are some suggested resources and strategies.

Subject Databases:

Databases are often organized by subject and will index or provide full-text resources. You can also limit a search to criteria like author, source, or subject terms. 

Use the "Research Resources" tab on the IUB Libraries website to locate subject-specific databases, or for quick database suggestions see the Databases to Get Started Guide. The search tips in the Libraries' Research Essentials can help you conduct more efficient and effective searches. 

Citation Searching:

Sources cited in one source can help you identify other useful sources. these citations reflect a scholarly 'conversation' and the progression of ideas on a topic.

In a scholarly source, use the reference list (sometimes called a bibliography or a works cited page) to find cited sources. Some databases also allow you to see the sources cited in a source (e.g. Google ScholarScopus, and Web of Science).


Trying to locate an identified publication, like a journal title or a book, from a citation? 

Use the Find Online Journals link to determine which database(s) or index has the full-text of a journal. If the journal is not available electronically available, search IUCAT to see if there is a print subscription. If there is no print or electronic subscription available, individual articles can be requested through InterLibrary Loan