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SPEA V450 Research Design

Instructor: Littlepage

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Business/SPEA Library

Reading & Evaluation Questions

As you are collecting sources, you will begin to evaluate and read to determine which sources should be included in your review. This can spark several questions.

  • What sources should I use?
  • When am I done finding sources?


What sources should I use?

Discussion in the literature will come from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. These perspectives will have an impact on how the topic is represented or what solution is provided. When starting your literature search, you will want to consider a number of perspectives to determine which are the most appropriate for your review. You will also want to consider what impact limiting or including perspectives might have. Answers to these questions will help direct your search and determine what sources you will select and use.

Evaluating Search Results

Evaluating Sources Rhetorically


When am I done finding sources?

As you approach the end of your literature search, you will begin to recognize consistent patterns in what you find. These patterns may come in the form of:

• Recurring authors
• Recurring institutions or organizations
• Recurring structures of how thoughts/findings are organized