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SPEA V373 S373 Human Resources Management in the Public Sector

Instructors: Grundmann, Schrader, Stedman, Uebel

Viewpoint & Position Resources

Use the following library databases to locate viewpoint information on your issue. 

Search Strategy:

  • Start with viewpoint keywords identified from your background research or use social issue databases like CQ Researcher and Opposing Viewpoints to identify viewpoints/keywords.
  • For larger, multidisciplinary databases, you may need to narrow your search by subject or keyword to narrow to a particular disciplinary perspective.
  • See the Libraries' search tips for more information on how to effectively search our resources. 

Background Resource

To begin to explore your research topic and obtain background information, use:

Search Strategy:

  • Start broad; Type in your research topic alone (e.g., "living wage ordinances"). Investigate the following:
    • What disciplines (e.g., law, sociology, economics/business, public affairs, etc.) are studying my topic?
    • What perspective do each of these disciplines take? What are the most appropriate perspective(s) for my audience and purpose?
    • In what types of publications are articles about my topic being published? Which publications are most appropriate for my audience and purpose?
  • Select and read a couple of articles based on your answers to the above questions. Start to get an understanding of your issue's background.
  • Narrow your search to locate more background information by adding keywords like "history," "overview," or "background" to your research topic. Or, add keywords that may have come to your attention during your initial search and reading. Note any viewpoints that might be identified.