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Kelley Direct Healthcare Club

This guide provides an overview of information resources available through the IUB Libraries.

Consumer Analysis Resources

Below is a select list of databases provided by the IUB Libraries that can be used to investigate target consumers (demographics, lifestyle/psychographics, analysis). A full list of databases that house marketing information can be found here.

Mintel Reports
Market research reports for consumer groups as well as product/service areas. First time users will need to create a profile using the e-mail address.

Simmons OneView
Run crosstabs on U.S. consumer demographics, attitudes and behaviors, media usage, and buying habits.

Mintel Reports

Browse or search Mintel Reports to access to market, consumer, and company data and analysis at the product/service level. Mintel also includes demographic/lifestyle/psychographic reports for broad consumer groups, including millennials, baby boomers, mothers, seniors, etc.


From Mintel's Pharmaceuticals: The Consumer--US--January 2014 report