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Music Classification Numbers by Subject


  • USO, see United Services Organization
  • 'Ud, see Oud
  • Ukraine
    • Hymnals: M2142.U7
    • Literature on music: ML308+; ML3690
    • National music: M1764+
  • Ukrainian (Uniat) liturgy and ritual: M2160.78
  • Ukulele
    • History and criticism: ML1015.U5
    • Instruction and study: MT645+
      • for children: MT801.U4
    • Instrumental music: M142.U5
      • for children: M1385.U5
      • with orchestra (Solo): M1037.4.U4
  • Unaccompanied vocal music, see Vocal music -- Sacred -- Unaccompanied; Vocal music -- Secular -- Unaccompanied
  • Uniat liturgy and ritual: M2160.7+
  • Unidentified compositions: M5000
  • Union League of America (Vocal music): M1676.U6
  • Union music
    • Piano: M20.C59
    • Vocal: M1639+
  • Unison choruses
    • Sacred: M2101.5
    • Secular: M1609
  • Unison voices (Masses): M2013.5
  • Unitarian churches (Hymnals): M2131.U5
  • United Brethren in Christ (Hymnals): M2131.U6
  • United Church of Christ (Hymnals): M2131.U62
  • United Daughters of the Confederacy (Vocal music): M1676.U7
  • United Nations. Children's Fund (Vocal music): M1920.U48+
  • United Services Organization (Vocal music): M1676.U77
  • United States
    • Hymnals: M2116+
    • Literature on music
      • History and criticism: ML200+; ML3551+
      • Instruments and instrumental music: ML476
    • National music: M1.Al+; M1628+
    • Political music: M1659.7+
    • Territories: M1672+
    • Wars: M1633+
  • Unity School of Christianity (Hymnals): M2131.U65
  • Universalist Church (Hymnals): M2131.U7
  • Universities, Music in, see Music in colleges and universities
  • Unspecified (melody) instruments: M990
    • Duets: M298.5
    • Quartets: M486
    • Quintets: M586
    • Sextets: M686
    • Solos: M175.5
      • for children: M1385.M3
      • String: M59.5
      • Wind: M111
      • with string orchestra: M1139.5
    • Trios: M386
  • Ursuline liturgy and ritual: M2154.4.U8
  • Uruguay (Literature on music): ML237+
  • Uzbekistan (Literature on music): ML309.U9


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