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Music Classification Numbers by Subject


  • Kaen (Instruction and study): MT683
  • Kannel (Instruction and study): MT634.K3
  • Kantele
    • History and criticism: ML1015.K3
    • Instruction and study: MT634.K35
  • Kao hu
    • Instruction and study: MT335.K32
    • Instrumental music
      • with orchestra (Solo): M1019.K32
  • Karelia (Literature on music): ML309.K25
  • Karnatic music (Dictionaries): ML102.K37
  • Kaval (Instrumental music): M110.K4
  • Kayakeum
    • Instruction and study: MT654.K4
    • Instrumental music: M142.K39
  • Kazakhstan (Literature on music): ML309.K3
  • Kazoo (Instruction and study): MT533.K36
  • Kettledrum, see Timpani
  • Keyboard instruments
    • Bibliography: ML128.K5
    • Harmony (Instruction and study): MT224
    • History and criticism: ML549+
    • See also Piano, Organ, etc.
  • Khil-khuur, see Morin khuur
  • Kindergarten
    • Instruction and study: MT920+
    • Vocal music: M1990
  • Kinds and forms, see Forms
  • Kitchen utensils
    • Musical use (Instruction and study): MT722
  • Knights of Columbus (Vocal music): M1905.K5+
  • Knights of Labor (Vocal music): M1664.L3+
  • Knights of Malta (Vocal music): M1905.K54+
  • Knights of Pythias (Vocal music): M1905.K55+
  • Knights of the Golden Eagle (Vocal music): M1905.K6+
  • Know-nothing Party (Vocal music): M1664.K5+
  • Ko tsuzumi, see Kotsuzumi
  • Kobza
    • History and criticism: ML1015.K6
    • Instrumental music: M142.K55
  • Kokle (History and criticism): ML1015.K64
  • Komunko (Instrumental music): M142.K58
  • Kora (Instrumental music): M142.K595
  • Korea
    • Literature on music
      • History and criticism: ML342+; ML3752
      • Instruments and instrumental music: ML537
    • National music: M1816+
  • Korea (North)
    • Literature on music
      • History and criticism: ML343+; ML3753
    • National music: M1818+
  • Korea (South)
    • Literature on music
      • History and criticism: ML342+; ML3752
    • National music: M1816+
  • Korean War, 1950-1953 (Vocal music): M1649
  • Koto
    • History and criticism: ML1015.K68
    • Instruction and study: MT654.K7
    • Instrumental music: M142.K6
      • with orchestra (Solo): M1037.4.K68
  • Kotsuzumi (History and criticism): ML1038.K7
  • Koussevitzky Music Foundation, see Serge Koussevitzky Music Foundation
  • Ku-Klux Klan (Vocal music): M1664.K7+
  • Kyriales (Roman Catholic liturgy): M2148.4+
  • Kyrie: M2079.L5


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