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Instrument and Voice Guides


History and Construction


Hemke, Fred. "The Early History of the Saxophone." D.M.A. thesis, University of Wisconsin, 1975.


Discusses the development of the saxophone, the competition involved in promoting the instrument and opposition to its implementation as an accepted instrument, its use in French military music, its acceptance as an instrument in the Paris Conservatory, and its rise to international prominence.


Horwood, Wally. Adolphe Sax, 1814-1894: His Life and Legacy, rev. ed. Baldock, Hertfordshire: Egon, 1983.

ML424.S3 H67

Covers Sax's development of the saxhorn and saxophone, controversies about his instrument making, and his relationship with the Distin family, promoters of his work. Includes biographical information about Sax's life as a musician, inventor, and instrument maker.


Kool, Jaap. Das Saxophon: The Saxophone. Translated by Lawrence Gwozdz. Baldock, Hertfordshire: Egon, 1987.


Discusses the development, construction, mechanism, acoustics, and capabilities of the saxophone. Includes a brief biography of Adolphe Sax.



Technique and Performance Practice


Fridorich, Edwin. "The Saxophone: A Study of its Use in Symphonic and Operatic Literature." Ed.D. thesis, Columbia University, 1975.


Discusses the use of the saxophone from 1844-1969 as a solo and orchestral instrument from 1844-1969. Covers performance practice, technical limitations of the instrument, and discusses particular compositions for the saxophone.


Gold, Cecil V. Saxophone Performance Practices and Teaching in the United States and Canada. Moscow, Idaho: School of Music Publications, 1973.


Includes the results of a survey of 75 teachers covering topics such as technical study materials and repertoire used at different levels, make and model of instrument, ligature, and mouthpiece, and questions comparing jazz and classical playing. Includes lists of methods, etudes, solo and chamber repertoire.


Teal, Larry. The Art of Saxophone Playing. Evanston, Ill.: Summy-Birchard, 1963.


Topics include: embouchure, tone production, breathing, articulation, phrasing, finger technique.





Londeix, Jean-Marie. Music for Saxophone. Vol. II, General Repertoire of Music and Educational Literature for the Saxophone. Cherry Hill, N.J.: Roncorp, 1985.

ML128.S247 L841 (Reference)

Covers materials written 1969-1984 for soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones. Information on methods, etudes, solo and chamber works, and Paris Conservatory contest pieces. Entries include title, composer, publisher, instrumentation, duration, and dedicatory remarks.


________. 125 Years of Music for Saxophone: General Repertory of Pieces and Educational Literature for the Saxophone. Paris: Leduc, 1971.

ML128.S247 L84 (Reference)

Lists compositions from 1844-1969. See previous entry.


Rees-Davies, Jo. Clarinet & Saxophone Periodicals Index. England: Clarinet and Saxophone Society, 1986.

ML128.C58 R44 (Reference)

Indexes articles from over 350 journals.


Wilkins, Wayne. The Index of Saxophone Music. Magnolia, Ark.: Music Register, 1979.

ML128.S247 W5 (Reference)

Entries provide title, composer, instrumentation, editor, and publisher of method books and solo and chamber works. Covers materials for alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones.





Clarinet and Saxophone. Wilmington, Kent: Clarinet and Saxophone Society of Great Britain.

ML5.C57 (Journals, 1986-88)

Contains news and articles about performance practice, history, technique, biographies, and reviews of music, concerts, recordings.


Saxophone Journal. Needham, Mass.: Dorn Publications.

ML929.S4 (Journals, 1995-present)

Features articles on performing, techniques, new saxophone publications, biographies.


The Saxophone Symposium. Fulton, N.Y.: North American Saxophone Alliance.

ML1.S25 (Journals, 1976-present)

Includes news and articles covering technique, performances and performers, performance practice, conference reports.