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Secondary Sources

A Bibliography of Writings about the Oboe, 17th-19th Centuries: Secondary Sources

Compiled by Geoffrey Burgess, Laura Goetz, and David Lasocki

This bibliography was compiled for Proceedings of the International Double-Reed Symposium Utrecht 1994 (Utrecht: STIMU, 1997), ed. David Lasocki. ML929.5 .I58 We are grateful to STIMU for granting permission to load the bibliography on our web site.


This bibliography includes articles, books, and dissertations about historical instruments, performance practice, historical performers, and repertory in which the oboe and bassoon play a major role. It excludes sources about early woodwind makers or modern players of historical instruments, catalogues of individual collections, and historical sources in which the double-reed instruments have a minute role. The division of responsibility for compiling the entries was as follows: Laura Goetz (to 1800), Geoffrey Burgess (1801-1900), David Lasocki (additional material, editing).


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