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Primary Sources

A Bibliography of Writings about the Oboe, 17th-19th Centuries: Primary Sources (in Chronological Order)

Compiled by Geoffrey Burgess, Laura Goetz, and David Lasocki

This bibliography was compiled for Proceedings of the International Double-Reed Symposium Utrecht 1994 (Utrecht: STIMU, 1997), ed. David Lasocki.  ML929.5 .I58  We are grateful to STIMU for granting permission to load the bibliography on our web site.


As the 19th century is notoriously difficult to cover bibliographically, some of the information about methods from that time is only provisional. The division of responsibility for compiling the entries was as follows: Laura Goetz (to 1800), Geoffrey Burgess (1801-1900), David Lasocki (additional material, editing).


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B[anister], J[ohn II?]. The Sprightly Companion; Being a Collection of the Best Foreign Marches, Now play'd in all Camp ... Design'd Chiefly for the Hautboy; Yet Proper for the Flute, Violin, and other Instruments: Also Plain and Easy Directions for Playing on the Hautboy. The First of this kind Publish'd. London: Printed by J. Heptinstall, for Henry Playford, 1695. Facsimile with preface by Peter Hedrick. Columbus, Ohio: Early Music Facsimiles, 1987.

The Second Book of Theatre Musick: Containing Plain & Easie Rules with ye Best Instructions for Learners on ye Violin. Likewise All the New French Dances now in Use at Publick Balls & Dancing School; With Variety of ye Newest Ayres, Song Tunes & Dances, Perform' d in ye late Opera's at ye Theatres: All of them being proper to Play on ye Hautboy, A scale is added at ye End of ye Book for such as desire to Practice on ye Instrument. London: John Walsh, 1699.

Freillon-Poncein, Jean Pierre. La véritable manière d'apprendre à jouer en perfection du haut-bois, de la flûte et du flageolet, avec les principes de la musique pour la voix et pour toutes sortes d'instrumens. Paris: Jacques Collombat, 1700. Facsimile, Genève: Minkoff Reprint, 1972. Published with Amand van der Hagen, Méthode nouvelle et raisonnée pour le hautbois (Paris, ca. 1792). English translation with introduction by Catherine P. Smith as The True Way to Learn to Play Perfectly the Oboe, the Recorder, and the Flageolet Along with the Principles of Music for Voice and All Kinds of Instruments. Brooklyn: The Translations Center, Brooklyn College, City University of New York, 1969. English translation with introduction by Catherine Parsons Smith as On Playing Oboe, Recorder, & Flageolet (La véritable manière). Bloomington and Indianapolis: Indiana University Press, 1992.

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The Compleat Tutor to the Hautboy or the Art of Playing on that Instrument Improved and Made Easy to the Meanest Capacity by Very Plain Rules and Directions for Learners. Also a Choice Collection of Trumpett-Tunes, Ayres, Marches & Minuetts. London: John Walsh and Joseph Hare, 1715.

Hotteterre, Jacques. L'art de preluder sur la flûte traversière, sur la flûte-a-bec, sur le haubois, et autres instruments de dessus ... Op. 7. Paris: composer & Boivin (also composer & Foucault), 1719. Facsimile, Genève: Minkoff Reprint, 1978. Modern edition by Michel Sanvoisin. Paris: Éditions Aug. Zurfluh, 1966.

B., T. [Thomas Brown?]. The Compleat Musick-Master: Being Plain, Easie, and Familiar Rules for Singing, and Playing on the Most Useful Instruments now in Vogue, according to the Rudiments of Musick. Viz, Violin, Flute, Haut-Boy, Bass-Viol, Treble-Viol, Tenor-Viol. Containing likewise a great Variety of Choice Tunes, and fitted to each Instrument, with Songs for two Voices: To which is added, a Scale of the Seven Keys of Musick, shewing how to Transpose any Tune from one Key to another. London: William Pearson, 1722.

[Prelleur, Peter]. Instructions Upon The Hautboy, In a more Familiar Method than any extant. Together with A Curious Collection of Marches, Minuets, Rigadoons, and Opera Airs; By Mr. Handel, and other Eminent Masters. London: Printing Office in Bow Church-Yard, 1730. [This is the fourth book in a series entitled The Modern Musick-Master.]

________. The Modern Musick-Master, or, The Universal Musician, 1731. Ed. Alexander Hyatt King. Documenta Musicologica. Erste Reihe: Druckschriften-Faksimiles, 27. Kassel: Bärenreiter, 1965. Facsimile.

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The Muses Delight. An Accurate Collection of English and Italian Songs, Cantatas and Duetts, set to Music for the Harpsichord, Violin, German-Flute, &c. With Instructions for the Voice, Violin, Harpsichord or Spinnet, German-Flute, Common-Flute, Hautboy, French-Horn, Bassoon and Bass-Violin.... Liverpool: John Sadler, 1754. Eds. of 1756, 1757, and 1758 entitled Apollo's Cabinet: or the Muses Delight....

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[Fischer, Johann Christian]. The Compleat Tutor for the Hautboy Containing the Best and Easiest Instructions for Learners to Obtain a Proficiency to which is Added a Choice Collection of the most Celebrated Italian English and Scotch Tunes. Also the favorite Rondeau perform'd at Vauxhall by Mr. Fischer. London: C. & S. Thompson, 1770.

Francoeur, Louis-Joseph. Diapason général de tous les instrumens à vent avec des observations sur chacun d'eux. Paris: Le Marchand, 1772.

________. New and Complete Instructions for the Oboe or Hoboy, Containing the easiest and most improv'd Rules for Learners to Play. To which is added a select collection of Airs, Marches, Minuets, Duets, &c. Also the favorite Rondeaus perform'd at Vauxhall by Mr. Fischer. London: Longman & Broderip, ca. 1780. London: T. Cahusac, 1790. An expanded version of the 1770 Compleat Tutor.

Francoeur, Louis-Joseph. Diapason général de tous les instrumens à vent avec des observations sur chacun d'eux. Au quel on a joint un projet nouveau pour simplifier la manière actuelle de copier.... Paris: Le Marchand, 1772. Paris: Des Lauriers, ca. 1772.

Vanderhagen, Armand. Méthode nouvelle et raisonnée pour le hautbois divisée en deux parties la première partie contient une explication claire et succinte de la manière de tenir cet instrument, de son entendue, de son emboûchure, de la qualité des anches que les commençans doivent emploier, du vrai son, des coups de langue et en général de tous ce qui a raport au hautbois. La seconde partie contient plusieurs petits airs et six duo très propres à former des eléves. Paris: Boyer, 1790. Facsimile, Genève: Minkoff, 1971.

Wragg, J. The Oboe Preceptor; or the Art of Playing the Oboe, Rendered perfectly easy to every Capacity, in which every Instruction relative to that Instrument is progressively arranged; the different modes of Fingering fully exemplified, & the whole systematically laid down in so plain and easy a Manner, as to require No Assistance from a Master. To which is added, An elegant Selection of Favorite Airs, Song Tunes, & Duets. Also A Set of easy Preludes in the most useful keys. London: author, 1792.

Vandenbrock, Othon. Traité général de tous les instruments à vent à l'usage des compositeurs. Paris: Boyer, 1793. Facsimile, Genève: Minkoff Reprint, 1974.

Garnier, Joseph-François. Méthode raisonnée pour le hautbois, contenant les principes nécessaires pour bien jouer de cet instrument, la maniere de faire les anches suivis de 55 leçons, six petits duos, six sonates, six airs variés et une étude pour les doigts et l'arrangement de la langue. Paris: Pleyel, ca. 1800. Translated by Peter Hedrick as A Systematic Method for the Oboe by François-Joseph Garnier (Méthode Raisonnée). Columbus, Ohio: Early Music Facsimiles, 1987. Version in French and German, Méthode pour le hautbois. Offenbach: André, before 1815. Italian version, Metodo per oboe del Sig. Garnier. primo artista dell'opera a Parigi. Bologna: Cipriani, [n.d.].

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