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Instrument and Voice Guides


History and Construction


Bate, Philip. The Oboe: An Outline of Its History, Development, and Construction, 3rd ed. New York: W. W. Norton, 1975.

ML940.B32 1975

Covers: precursors and advent of the oboe, developments in the 18th and 19th Centuries, the Trieberts' French oboe, the modern oboe, varieties of the oboe (alto, tenor, bass, baritone, heckelphone), acoustics of the oboe, tuning and boring, technique and capabilities of the instrument throughout the centuries, celebrated oboe players, teachers, and professors at the Paris Conservatory.


Goossens, Leon and Edwin Roxburgh. Oboe, 3rd rev. ed. London: Kahn & Averill, 1993.

AED2415 (Frontlog-Books)

Includes early history up to 1800, the introduction of mechanized oboe, and the modern oboe. Examines aspects of reed-making: equipment, gouging, shaping, binding, scraping, cor Anglais and oboe dUamore reeds, and discusses ornamentation style in the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and twentieth-century periods. General information about oboe technique is also provided, including embouchure, posture, breath control, articulation, dynamics, vibrato, and tone quality. Oboe repertoire list included.


Joppig, Gunther. The Oboe and the Bassoon. Translated from the German by Alfred Clayton. Portland, Ore.: Amadeus Press, 1988.


Discusses the early history of the oboe and bassoon up to the modern instruments. Topics include mechanization, materials, tuning, instrumental capabilities, different varieties of oboes and bassoons, and reed-making.




Hedrick, Peter. Oboe Reed making: A Modern Method. Oneonta, N.Y.: Swift-Dorr Publications, 1972.


Covers: preparation of cane, materials and equipment, binding the cane to the tube, scraping, finishing the reed, and knife sharpening.


Ledet, David. Oboe Reed Styles: Theory and Practice. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1981.


Features photographs of well-known oboists's reeds and includes a brief biography of each oboist and a discussion of his or her individual reed style. Also examines the differences among French, American, English, German, Dutch, and Viennese reed-making styles. Discusses various aspects of tone production, brief historical background of the oboe, and accepted styles of playing.


Technique and Performance Practice


Prodan, James C. Oboe Performance Practices and Teaching in the United States and Canada. Akron, Ohio: Institute for Woodwind Research, 1979.


A compilation of the results of a questionnaire presented to oboe professionals and educators. The participants were questioned about their use of teaching and performing materials, their choice of instrument, who they considered important members of the field, and questions concerning their reed-making. Some participants also submitted sketches of oboe reeds.


Rothwell, Evelyn. Oboe Technique, 3rd ed. London: Oxford University Press, 1982.

MT360.R84 1982

Includes information on embouchure, tonguing, fingering, breathing, practicing, instrument care, reeds and their care. Repertoire list included.


Sprenkle, Robert and David Ledet. The Art of Oboe Playing. Evanston, Ill.: Summy-Birchard, 1961.


Topics include: selecting an instrument, tone production, phrasing, practicing, and reed-making (gouging, shaping, binding, scraping, making reed adjustments). Fingering and trill charts included.

Extended or Avant-Garde Techniques


Veale, Peter, et al. The Techniques of Oboe Playing: A Compendium with Additional Remarks on the Oboe DUAmore and the Cor Anglais. New York: Barenreiter, 1995.

AHC7492 (Frontlog-Books)

Provides fingerings and instruction for performing extended techniques including: trills and tremolos, timbre fingerings, multiphonics, teeth notes, quarter- and eighth-tones. Includes recorded examples on accompanying compact disc.


Biographical Sources


Krause, Robert James. "A Biographical Dictionary of European Oboists before 1900." D.M.A. thesis, University of Miami, 1981.


Presents oboists who were teachers and/or performers, but includes only those who performed on the modern oboe (including the French two -or three- keyed model).





Gifford, Virginia Snodgrass. Music for Oboe, Oboe D'Amore, and English Horn. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1983.

ML128.O2 G5 (Reference)

Lists works contained in the Library of Congress collection. Includes books, methods, and solo and chamber repertoire lists. Entries provide the copy title, uniform title, composer, publisher, and date of publication.


Haynes, Bruce. Music for Oboe, 1650-1800: A Bibliography, 2d ed., rev. Berkeley: Fallen Leaf Press, 1992.

ML128.O2 H3965 1992 (Reference)

Entries provide the composer, title, instrumentation, publisher and date of publication and/or composition, location of source, modern editions, and miscellaneous notes on the piece or composer.


Hosek, Miroslav. Oboen-Bibliographie. Wilhelmshaven: Heinrichshofen, 1975.

ML128.O2 H83 (Reference)

Information on the title, composer, instrumentation, and publisher for solo, chamber, and orchestral works. Two volumes, second volume published in 1994.


Wilkins, Wayne. The Index of Oboe Music Including the Index of Baroque Trio Sonatas. Magnolia, Ark.: Music Register, 1976.

ML128.O2 W68 (Reference)

Entries provide title, composer, instrumentation, editor, and publisher for method books and solo and chamber works.




The Double Reed. East Lansing, Mich.: International Double Reed Society.

ML1.D73 (Journals, 1978-present)

Contains news and announcements, articles about performing, performers and teachers, technique, history, reed-making, and reviews of music, books, recordings, and performances. Previous to 1978 published as To the World's Oboists.


To the World's Oboists. East Lansing, Mich.: International Double Reed Society.

ML1.T365 (Journals, 1973-1977)

See previous entry. In 1978 merged with To the World's Bassoonists to form The Double Reed.