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Instrument and Voice Guides


History and Construction


Brymer, Jack. Clarinet, rev. ed. London: Macdonald and JaneUs, 1979.

ML945.B8 1979

Topics include: history and development, acoustical characteristics, artistry and playing schools, maintenance and repair, pedagogy from beginning to advanced students.


Gabucci, Agostino. Origin and History of the Clarinet. Translated from the Italian by Frederic Lubrani. Memphis: Memphis State University, 1968.


Features: history and construction from the clarinet's origin to modern day, acoustical developments, history of the single reed. Also includes a discussion of important performers and teachers and a biographical sketch of Agostino Gabucci.


Gibson, Oscar Lee. Clarinet Acoustics. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1994.

ML946.G5 1994

Covers the principles of acoustical design and the clarinet's acoustical history, materials used in construction, and the dimensions of the bore, tone holes, bell flare, barrel, mouthpiece, and ligature. Discusses national schools of clarinet manufacture and famous clarinetists and their instruments.


Rendall, F. Geoffrey. The Clarinet: Some Notes Upon Its History and Construction, 3d ed., rev. New York: W. W. Norton, 1971.

ML946.R39 1971

Discusses the development of the clarinet with regard to acoustics, mechanism, materials, bore, tone holes, reeds, and mouthpieces.


Technique and Performance Practice


Heim, Norman M. Ornamentation for the Clarinetist. Hyattsville, Md.: Norcat Music Press, 1993.

MT380.H46 O8

Discusses interpreting ornamentations based on style, period, or composer. Gives examples of specific composers.


Pino, David. The Clarinet and Clarinet Playing. New York: C. Scribner's Sons, 1980.


Topics include: the characteristics of the clarinet, the mouthpiece and reed, tone production, breathing, technique, phrasing, ornamentation.


Stein, Keith. The Art of Clarinet Playing. Evanston, Ill.: Summy-Birchard, 1958.


Addresses embouchure, relaxation, breathing, voicing, articulation, phrasing, interpretation, tone quality, and intonation. Includes a list of methods and repertoire.


Thurston, Frederick. Clarinet Technique, 3rd ed. New York: Oxford University Press, 1977.

MT380.T54 1977

Discusses tone, breath control, articulation, crossing the break, finger difficulties, transposition, purchase and care, choice of mouthpiece and reed.


Extended or Avant-Garde Techniques


Farmer, Gerald James. Multiphonics and other Contemporary Clarinet Techniques. Rochester, N.Y.: Shall-u-mo Publications, 1982.


Discusses the development of new clarinet techniques. Explanation and fingerings of new techniques are provided, including multiphonics, microtones, pitch bends, harmonics, flutter-tonguing, and mouthpiece alone. Includes a bibliography of scores containing new techniques.


Rehfeldt, Phillip. New Directions for Clarinet, rev. ed. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1993.

ML945.R43 1993

Provides explanations and fingerings for extended techniques including microtones, color fingerings, eighth-tone, multiphonics, slap tongue, glissandos. Includes a section about electronic applications in performance.


Biographical Sources


Weston, Pamela. Clarinet Virtuosi of Today. Baldock, England: Egon, 1989.


Dictionary format with extensive entries covering twentieth-century clarinetists.


________. More Clarinet Virtuosi of the Past. London: by the author, 1977.


Covers over 1,000 clarinetists from virtuosi to amateurs. Includes a list of compositions with the name of the performer and the performance date and a list of locations where performers had regular employment.




Brixel, Eugen. Klarinetten-Bibliographie. Wilhelmshaven, Amsterdam: Heinrichshofen, 1977.

ML128.C58 B74 (Reference)

Entries provide the composer, title, instrumentation, and publisher for methods and studies, as well as solo, chamber, and orchestral repertoire.


Heim, Norman M. Clarinet Literature in Outline. Hyattsville, Md.: Norcat Music Press, 1984.

ML128.C58 H4 (Reference)

Lists composers with brief biographical information, title, publisher, and brief comments about each piece. Covers works from the Baroque through twentieth century.


Rees-Davies, Jo. Clarinet & Saxophone Periodicals Index. England: Clarinet and Saxophone Society, 1986.

ML128.C58 R44 (Reference)

Indexes articles from over 350 journals.






The Clarinet. Pocatello: Idaho State University, International Clarinet Society.

ML1.C787 (Journals, 1973-present)

Contains news and articles about competitions, conference reports, interviews, technique, performance, pedagogy, recordings, concerts.


Clarinet and Saxophone. Wilmington, Kent: Clarinet and Saxophone Society of Great Britain.

ML5.C57 (Journals, 1986-88)

Features articles on performance practice, history, technique, biographies, reviews of music, concerts, recordings.