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Trombone Music

Classification Numbers for Trombone Music

M90–M94  Trombone or bass trombone alone:
     M90      Collections (more than one composer)
     M91      Original works: collections (one composer)
     M92      Original works: separate
     M93      Arrangements: collections (one composer
     M94      Arrangements: separate works
 M262-M263  Trombone or bass trombone with piano:
     M262      Collections
     M263      Separate works
 M288–M289  Duets for two wind instruments (of all kinds):
     M288      Collections
     M289      Separate works
 M290–M291  Duets—one stringed and one wind instrument
 M296–M297  Duets—one wind and one plucked instrument
 M315–M319  Piano and two wind instruments
 M320–M324  Piano, one stringed, and one wind instrument
 M335–M339  Piano, one wind, and one plucked instrument
 M355–M359  Three wind instruments
 M360–M364  Three stringed and wind instruments
 M375–M379  Three wind and plucked instruments


Quartets, quintets, sextets, septets, octets, and nonets follow similar patterns (in the M400s, 500s, 600s, 700s, 800s, and 900s, respectively).For more details, see M: Music and Books on Music, available at the reference desk or at the index table in the reference section (Z696.U5 M 1998).


Concertos and similar pieces:

 M1032  Trombone with orchestra, full scores
 M1032.5  Cadenzas for such works
 M1033  Trombone with orchestra, piano reductions
 M1132  Trombone with string orchestra, full scores
 M1132.5  Cadenzas for such works
 M1133  Trombone with string orchestra, piano reductions



Studies and methods:

 MT460  General works
 MT462  Systems and methods
 MT463  Teaching pieces
 MT464  Instructive editions
 MT465  Studies and exercises
 MT466  Orchestral studies
 MT467  Two trombones
 MT468  Self-instructors
 MT472  Bass trombone or contrabass trombone



Not all trombone music in the Cook Music Library is out on the shelf. Please consult IUCAT to find information about music that is checked out or in the Frontlog.



Subject Headings

(for subject searches in IUCAT or WorldCat)

Solo trombone music: sonatas (trombone); suites (trombone); variations (trombone); etc.; trombone music
Trombone and piano music: rondos (trombone and piano); sonatas (trombone and piano); suites (trombone and piano); variations (trombone and piano); etc.; trombone and piano music

trombone music (trombones (2))

horn and trombone music; trumpet and trombone music; tuba and trombone music; etc.


brass trios (horn, trombone, trumpet)

(or other combinations)

wind trios [mixed brass and woodwind, various combinations] e.g., wind trios (flute, horns (2))

trios [various combinations of instruments] e.g., trios

(trombone, percussion, violoncello), trios (piano, trombone, trumpet)


brass quartets [various combinations];

also suites [various combinations of brass instruments]; variations [various combinations of brass instruments]; etc.

wind quartets [mixed brass and woodwind, various combinations];

also suites, variations, etc.

Similar for quintets, sextets, septets, octets, and nonets.

Trombone and Orchestra: concertos (trombone)

concertos (trombone) — solo with piano

trombone with orchestra

rondos (trombone with orchestra), etc.



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Classification Numbers for Books about the Trombone

 Ref. ML128 .T76  Trombone bibliographies
 ML965  General works
 ML966  Construction
 ML968  Music and playing


Selected Periodicals

 Brass Bulletin (1971–)  ML5.B823
 Historic Brass Society Journal (1989–)  ML1.H457
 International Trombone Association Journal  ML1.I86
 Online Trombone Journal


Selected Internet Resources

 Alto Trombone homepage
 Douglas Yeo (BSO)
 Historic Brass Society
 International Trombone Association
 Trombone USA