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Organ Music

Classification Numbers for Organ Music

M6–M14  Organ alone:
     M6      Collections, mixed (original works and arrangements; more than one composer)
     M7      General collections (one composer)
     M8      Sonatas
     M8.5      Symphonies
     M9      Suites, Variations, and Cyclical Works
     M10      Fugues (with or without preludes)
     M11      Pieces
     M11.2      Pedal pieces
     M12      Arrangements: collections
     M13      Arrangements: separate works
     M14      Books (accompaniments to collections of psalms and hymns)
     M14.3-.5      Liturgical music (special seasons and occasions)
     M14.8      Electronic Organ music
 M180-186  Duets
 M180-181  One or more organs, two or more players
 M182-186  Organ and one other instrument
 M300–M304  Trios, organ and two other instruments
 M400–M404  Quartets, organ and three other instruments


Quartets, quintets, sextets, septets, octets, and nonets follow similar patterns (in the M400s, 500s, 600s, 700s, 800s, and 900s, respectively).For more details, see M: Music and Books on Music, available at the reference desk or at the index table in the reference section (Z696.U5 M 1998).



Concertos and similar pieces:

 M1005  Organ with orchestra, full scores
 M1005.5  Cadenzas for such works
 M1006  Organ with orchestra, piano reductions
 M1108  Organ with string orchestra, full scores
 M1108.5  Cadenzas for such works
 M1109  Organ with string orchestra, piano reductions



Studies and methods:

 MT180  General works
 MT182  Systems and methods; Studies and exercises
 MT185  General works: special techniques
 MT187  Special techniques: pedal
 MT189  Special techniques: registration
 MT190  Special techniques: accompaniment of liturgical music
 MT193  Teaching pieces; Instructive editions
 MT198  Self-instructors


Not all organ music in the Cook Music Library is out on the shelf.Please consult IUCAT to find information about music that is checked out or in the Frontlog.



Subject Headings

(for subject searches in IUCAT or WorldCat)

Solo organ music: organ music; sonatas (organ); suites (organ); fugues (organ); passacaglias (organ); etc.
Duets: organ music (organs (2)); organ music (4 hands)
Organ with other instruments: organ with orchestra; [instrument(s)] and organ music, e.g. trumpet and organ music; trios (organ, [instrument], [instrument]) e.g. trios (organ, trumpet, trombone); quartets (organ, [various combinations]); etc.


Similar for quintets, sextets, septets, octets, and nonets.


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Classification Numbers for Books about the Organ

 Ref. ML128 .O6  Organ bibliographies
 ML550  General works
 ML552-597  Construction: general works; by time period; by region or country; individual instruments; special parts
 ML600-649  Music and playing: general works; by time period; by region or country; forms and types of music



Selected Periodicals

 The American Organist (1979–)  ML1 .M74
 Ars Organi (1969–)  ML5 .A68
 The Hymn (1949--)  ML1 .H99
 The Organ (1921--)  ML5 .O68
 The Organ Yearbook (1970--)  ML5 .O683
 L’Organo (1960--)  ML5 .O684
 The Tracker (1956--)  ML1 .T75



Selected Internet Resources

 American Guild of Organists
 Göteborg International Organ Academy
 Organ Focus
 Organ Historical Society
 Pipe Organ Education Project
 St. Sulpice
 Westfield Center