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SDC Platinum Guide

A guide to using the research database SDC Platinum, a financial deal database accessed from a single computer in the Business/SPEA Information Commons.

Make a League Table

SDC Platinum can be used to create league tables, or rankings, of the financial players and legal advisors in a specific deal sector. Let's take the same example we used in the Search for Deals tab - a list of all the U.S. software companies bought by U.S. firms from 1/1/2010 - 12/31/2012.  We would create the search the same way, by selecting a dataset, a date range, and search criteria.  Once we have the search criteria entered, our screen looks like this:



At this point, to create a custom league table, click on the words "League Tables" at the very top of the screen.  To use one of the preformatted league reports, click on the League icon at the top.  That will yield this screen:



In this example, we will select "Financial Advisors" and click OK.  Now our screen looks like this:



Now click on "Execute" at the top of the page, and the league table report will be generated.  When finished, it appears on the screen.  Save the file; the default directory is Computer>C>SDC>>Platinum>USR.  Our report looks like this: